Ashley Sheeran

How did ELSAMARIT begin?
ELSAMARIT started really from a need of mine and a need for many of the women I know. I was in a very stressful work environment where I was never home due to travel and had to be constantly connected to work- even when I finally made it home. Trying to balance non-stop work, wedding planning, friends, and a healthy lifestyle felt nearly impossible. After several years of this, I had a little health scare that really made me look at my life and decide if this was what I wanted my life to be. Not only was I mentally exhausted from constantly pushing through barriers, I felt as though I had lost touch with my body and lost touch with my goals and soul...I felt like I just became a shell of a human. Life had become busy being busy. And when I realized this about myself, I looked around and found out that I wasn't the only one. I felt like I was hearing this from almost everyone- in every industry. 
The start of ELSAMARIT was conceptualized by my own journey... but has since really started to take shape through others around me. I wanted to create a brand that inspired people to understand the importance of taking care of ourselves, an example of what self-care can be, and how to create rituals around our own well being. With ELSAMARIT I want to give everyone the education, space, and products that can help a beautiful life well-loved with self and soul care.
Tell me about your products.
All products are made to enhance your self-care rituals! Right now we have candles, nail polish, bath salts, and smudge kits. I also specialize in custom candles so if there is an event or a space that you'd like a signature scent and candle I can do that for you! All items are vegan and ethically made in the US.
Why do you create? What’s your mission?
My mission is to help people realize that self and soul care is important for our livelihood and how we move through the world. To promote a beautiful life well-loved with self and soul care. To seek fulfillment within so that you can resonate authentically out to the world. Whatever that means for the individual, I want to support and inspire that within them.
What does your daily self-care ritual look like? 
It really changes with my schedule but I always find time every day to move my body in a run/walk or a workout class. Meditating every day has been a game-changer for me as well. Self-care is anything that brings joy, so making that a priority in your day is empowering and whatever that is for you...I say go for it! I also love to bake and try out new recipes, so I try to find time to do something inspiring in the kitchen every day as well.
What does work-life balance look like for you? 
Work-life balance is personal to everyone, and each day is its own challenge. I've found that, primarily, it's about defining what success is every day, like how do you want to feel when you put your head on your pillow at night- then work backward from there. For me, it's realizing that there could be days/week where I need to be very work focused and other times where I have more freedom to take a break or take it easy. The peaks and valleys are endless, so if I can carve out a little self-care each day, those jam-packed days feel a little more manageable.
Describe your perfect Saturday morning. 
I'm typically a pretty early riser so I'm usually at my laptop, coffee in hand by 6:30 on weekdays- but Saturdays I really try to take it easy! The perfect Saturday morning is sleeping in, making eggs and hashbrowns with my husband, and curling up on the couch together with our cat. I also love having company over so hosting a brunch with my friends and family would make for a super special Saturday morning.
Pick one: mind, body, soul. What do you do in your life to foster that part of yourself? 
But they're all connected! :) If I have to, I'll pick soul. I am obsessed with listening to books and podcasts that challenge my perception or cause a shift within me- certain people are able to convey their outlook in such a way that I feel it in my core, and I love that. I'm currently listening to Michelle Obama's book, "Becoming", and Marie Forlio's book, "Everything is figureoutable". Some podcasts I love are Lewis Howes "School of Greatness", "Expanded" from Lacy Phillips, and the Goop Podcast.
What’s coming next from ELSAMARIT?
MORE! more of everything! More candles, more home items, more self and soul care blog posts! Really focusing on spotlighting people that are out there creating and working AND making time for self and soul care. I think it's so inspiring to hear from people that prioritize self-care but still live a life they love.
What’s your advice for women who want to start a creative (or business) endeavor? 
Do it! Don't overthink it, don't obsess over whether it's perfect or not or if the timing is right, just go for it. People have amazing ideas but are waiting for that push or that perfect moment when the stars will align and they'll receive the message that will propel them forward. I don't want to say it'll never happen, but In my experience, that's rare! I believe we learn the most when we take action, and through the art of doing is when you'll learn things you never thought of, or create something that you couldn't have created, without the trial and error of taking action.

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