Meet Nikki + Staci of ATELIER SAUCIER

Ashley Sheeran


How did Atelier Saucier begin?

Nikki: The idea to start a company together had been brewing since nearly the beginning of our friendship. We both have a similar passion for food, design, entertaining and looking at things through a different lens. We were approached to create custom linens for a hospitality project and the rest is history!

What have been the highest and lowest points of your journey so far?

Staci: The highest highs come from the lowest lows - building the website was a tedious and laborious task BUT it is one of the things we are most proud of.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nikki: The fashion, food and design industries. Each and every day, we are inspired by great meals, beautiful interiors and exteriors, and clothing design. We are also passionate about making entertaining feel approachable and functional and pulling from smart technology to streamline our business practices.

Staci: The city we live in! Artists, nature and all the beautiful people we interact with daily.

What is your favorite outfit or home accessory?

Nikki + Staci: Definitely plants! We love that they are always growing and evolving. They are the perfect way to constantly change the feeling and vibe of a space or room.

If you could only wear one outfit, what would it be and why? (Describe your favorite outfit)

Staci: While we love to dress up to the nines, we both feel best in a favorite pair of jeans, white t-shirt, and funky sneakers. This is our go-to outfit for tradeshows, markets and photoshoots. I think it makes us feel our best (and sexiest), and also allows us to appear approachable to both clients and vendors.

What has surprised you most about starting a business?

Nikki: We both knew that starting a business would involve much more than just having a great idea. While this might sound a bit boring, the legal and compliance side is probably as equally fascinating to us as the product development and design side. Additionally, with the influence of social media today, we also found the effort that went into creating consistent and cohesive branding, a strong voice, and our marketing/PR strategy was of incredible importance.

How did you two decide to work together as partners in this business? What qualities or practices do you think are necessary to create and maintain a healthy & productive business partnership?  

Nikki: Staci + I knew years ago that we would work together in some capacity. We both have an innate entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to hustle hard and to problem solve even when things seem impossible. We are also very balanced in our strengths - Staci being an amazing creative, and I having a love for all things business and finance. We are also constantly learning from each other, which is such an important aspect to our partnership. We spend a lot of time together (as we are also best friends!) and balance our work relationship with non-ATELIER SAUCIER activities like exercise, travel and celebrating life every day.

Staci: It felt really natural to blend my fashion/interiors background with Nikki’s expansive hospitality + restaurant experience in a fun and surprising way! We are both quick problem solvers and our professional backgrounds truly balance one another in the world of ATELIER SAUCIER. We are open and honest with one another and most importantly listen to each other. We make sure we show up every day and never take anything for granted.

What’s coming next from ATELIER SAUCIER?

Staci: So many things! We are excited to continue focusing on the growth of our BORROW program (modern linen rentals) and continuing to design and develop new tabletop products - both linens and much more! We also are looking forward to touching more people through inclusion of our linens in hotel and restaurant projects.

What drew you to JIMI?

Nikki: Meeting Ashley was like a breath of fresh air. This platform is so desperately needed in the world of e-commerce. We take pride in being a woman-owned business and Ashley is so passionate and knowledgeable in what she does. Her drive and spirit are infectious. We needed to be a part of this movement and are truly honored to be featured on the site!

Pick one: mind, body, soul. What do you do in your life to foster that part of yourself?

Nikki: So tough to pick one! I think they all play hand-in-hand, especially in a world when it is nearly impossible to fit everything we want to do into the 24 hours offered up each day. I like to balance my mind by reading industry and world news; my body by practicing both yoga and high-intensity training; and nourish my soul through human connection and time spent with my pup.

Staci: I think the key to life is figuring out how to foster all 3 and finding that “perfect balance”. Nikki and I love working out together - we push one another and find an early morning workout can really get our mind, body + soul ready for the day ahead! Otherwise, reading is a great way to foster the mind and finding time for loved ones always nourishes the soul!

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