Lexi Donato, Owner/Designer LDLA

Based in Los Angeles, LDLA brings women elevated swim silhouettes that satisfy the inner goddess. Each item is made with intention and is suitable for all body types (sizes don't matter here). 
LDLA has created the ultimate swimwear experience - numberless sizing, body positive design details, and eco-friendly fabric made from regenerated nylon.

LDLA Mission

To change the swim scene from a realm of insecurity to a platform of confidence.


No Sweat Shops Here

LDLA is committed to the people that touch the brand and environment that sustains us. 

LDLA has hand-selected its manufacturer due to their employee rights values and ethical environment conservation efforts. Employees at this manufacturer are highly trained, paid well over the typical employment rate and are entitled to a free medical insurance plan for themselves and their families. 

Safeguarding the Environment

LDLA's manufacturer partnership protects 100 square meters of virgin rainforest in Kalimantan Indonesia for every 100 pieces of swimwear made.

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