Melissa Michelsen, Owner/Designer LOVE MERT

Melissa Michelsen started her sustainable accessories line in 2000, long before it was a trend. Over the years her style and aesthetic have evolved but her commitment to sustainability has remained constant.

Her collections of handbags, jewelry, and home goods, are a culmination of life long loves.  Collecting glass marbles at flea markets as a child, building elaborate forts in the forests of Vermont, dabbling in painting, pottery, and weaving.  Moving to towns she had never heard of with only a car full of belongings.  A wanderlust, fun-filled life embracing imagination and creativity...

Love Mert products are all made by hand in our studio in Lake Tahoe, California. Every piece is constructed with vintage leather sourced from various thrift shops.

Many of the leather motifs are cut from recycled scrap from handbag and shoe factories.  Hand Marbled fabric is done in large panels in the studio on mill end canvas bolts and hemp linen.





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