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We’re here to help you discover unique products from the best emerging female fashion & design talent from around the world. Gain access to better quality products and exclusive collections with all of the modern shopping conveniences.



We imagine a world where more women earn a livelihood and prosper from their creative pursuits. 


We're on a mission to build a powerful platform & supportive community that advances economic opportunities for the female creative entrepreneur. 



  • SISTERHOOD: We are neurobiologically hardwired to crave human connection (thanks for the insight, Brene Brown). Having a supportive community is the key to transcending personal limitations. We believe that by supporting each other we can grow and realize our greatest potential.
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: We maintain quality standards so you can rest assured the treasures that you find here were made to last.
  • INDEPENDENT FEMALE-LED BRANDS: Our unique focus on female creators means that when you shop JIMI, more money is transferred into the hands of badass women like yourself.  #sheconomics
  • LIMITED EDITIONS & EXCLUSIVES: With unique, limited edition small batch releases and collaborations, you can bet you’re one of the lucky few who owns your latest JIMI treasure.
  • ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE: We sell products that are good for you and good for the planet. That means no sweatshops, child labor, worker abuse, or slavery involved in the making of products sold here. That also means the products sold here are made with intention -- durable fabrics and timeless style. Lastly, we feature brands that are mindful about how their supply chain affects the environment -- often you will find the brands that we sell use recycled materials or packaging.
  • AUTHENTICITY: We’re keeping it real over here. Transparency and authenticity are the foundations for trust. JIMI is a vessel to share the stories and cultures of the beautiful women who inspire us.



Through conscious commerce, we have the power to ignite a paradigm shift towards equality and liberation. #femcommerce 

Shop female and make an immediate impact on the gender pay gap!